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The gateway fruit to getting kids into the garden!


Every kids loves strawberries. Just walking past a big, lucious berries makes it irresistable to pluck from the vine and enjoy its fresh and juciy sweetness. And what is best about strawberries is how incredibly easy they are to grow anywhere and everywhere! And in they keep on going year after year. Strawberries love to grow where people like to live - in weather that is not too cold and not too hot....and not too wet and not too dry.

It is very hard to start strawberries from seed. It is best to buy plant already started. These plants can be regular plants that already have leaves, or just the "crowns" with no leaves. Crowns are what is generally planted when it is early in the season. It is the short, the crown is thickened stem of a strawberry plant that has a growing point at the upper end and roots growing from the base. If planted correctly, crowns grow quickly and will produce berries the first year. READ MORE...

Orange Day!!

Eat Your Colors Challenge - Orange Day!!   We happily ate through RED day. The sproutlets' favorite RED food of the day was their old favorite - sweet red snack peppers.  Sometimes the simplest, most basic presentation is all that they need to enjoy a healthy snack.  They loved it just as the Earth gave it to them.

Need a reminder of what we're doing?  Read more here...

Today we are enjoying all that ORANGE has to offer us! Why eat ORANGE? In my opinion, ORANGE offers some of the most interesting variety of sweetnesses, textures, smells and flavors.  ORANGE foods are common and, for the most part, easy to find.  Put out a few different ORANGE foods, have the sproutlets explore them while blind folded. 

Other than just naming it, what does it feel like?  How does it compare to the one you just tasted? Be sure to add at least one they have never tried, or perhaps have never even heard of!

According to Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Tere Jones, RN, from the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the fruits and vegetables in the orange group have powerful antioxidants, provide vitamin A to the body and can help boost the immune system. (This is just a very small sampling of ORANGE foods.  Share with us others!!)


Eat Your Colors Challenge - Red Day!!

Did You Know… Veggies’ unique colors are packed with health promoting power?

We often hear about the importance of Eating Your Colors every day.  We also frequently hear about the difficulty in finding foods with these amazing colors that our children will eat.  And no... candy does not count!  I'm talking about fruits and vegetables!  Fruits and vegetables are very important to our health because they are whole foods, created by nature, that are rich in a large amount of nutrients. The processed foods that we so commonly eat, can never compare to the health benefits provided by strawberries or broccoli, which have fiber, vitamins, and enzymes built right in.  Each color group of fruits and vegetables supplies a variety of health benefits while providing visual appeal to your plate. 

I know that making a changes to our lives can be intimidating and just plain difficult for many of us that are already juggling families, work... life! But small changes are far more doable.  Can you add a rainbow to your plate today?  Maybe not. But can you add one color each day? I think so! 

Take the challenge with me!  In just one week we can add a lifetime of benefits to our families!  Who's in? 

Let's start at the beginning with an especially yummy color.... RED!

7 Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

If you've always wanted to grow a garden, autumn is the perfect time. These vegetables grow well in the fall, so get your green thumb ready to plant!


Fall veggies produce their best flavor and quality when they grow during cooler temperatures. Planting a successful fall vegetable garden requires thoughtful planning.  Here are 7 veggies that your can grow with your kids to ensure you have fresh vegetables into the cooler months!



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